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Hi everyone that keeps mailing me with question when the new version comes out.
The new version will be a bigger update then the comment repair of last update.

I added a thumbnail rotator with some jquery, ofcourse this required me to change a lot of stuff in encode.php and the way we store the thumbnails. The default value of thumbnail making is 12 but you can change that. I also fixed some css problems with the templates. The biggest thing I added was email function on user action. This means when a user does stuff to the video website it can send mail. You can switch on/off what you want.
Actions that result in email are:

  • When user uploads a video and admin didn’t set ‘auto accept videos’, admin will get an email
  • When user uploads a video and it’s approved (automaticly or manual) he gets an email with the link
  • When a user has an new approved video his friends and subscribers get an email
  • When admin rejects a video
  • When a user sends a PM, the receiver gets an email
  • When a user sends a friend request, the receiver gets an email

These are some big changes and more will comes, I’m currently working on the admin panel. It has a new design and the Video handling is now done with jquery.
You can then manage your video’s without reloading the page. My intensions are to delete/update video in a lightbox.

I hope a lot of your questions have been answered with this blog, because I don;t have time to answer all your question now. Below you seeĀ  screenshots of the new admin panel.

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