4 Beta tester needed

Hi All,

After changing most of the admin panel and adding a ton of options there to make it easy for a admin to control there settings, video’s, users, advertisement and SEO We have a beta release for version 1.4.3

We need a couple of people that want to install the script and test it out, preferable someone that is a little experienced with php/jquery coding and LAMP server.

New Features in front-end:

Rotating thumbs for video’s
Play page: favorite, flagging and downloading wihtout reloading
Added SHA1 instead of md5
Email control: users get emails if there friend to some1 (control in admin panel)
Title get cleaned from all unwanted characters and spaces (Bug repair)

New features Admin Panel:

New Fresh Layout (needs work done)
Settings are easier to control
Video manager with lots of cool features like:

  1. Video preview
  2. Regenerate duration/thumbs
  3. Edit video title/description/category/tags
  4. Video Thumb selection
  5. Ajax/jquery search page

User Manager to search and edit
Advertising manager to easy ad your ads to the site.

As you can see we have take the admin panel to the next level and only have to build a good plugin manager…

If you want to be a beta tester leave a comment under this blog…You get a nice thank you on this site.

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