New Version 1.4.3 released

Hi People,

We are proud to present you version 1.4.3,This version hgas lots of new stuff and will be the future for easy video scripts.

The new feature are:

  • Admin panel (complete renewal)
  • New advertising system
  • Admin Plugin manager
  • Faster and clear php code
  • 3 Free Templates
  • 79 bugs removed since 1.4.2
  • Improved HD support
  • JAVS 1.4.3 is checked for xss and sql inject with latest security tools.
  • Sitemaps auto generated
  • Email options for users
  • Social under player
  • Jquery duplicated video check in upload form
  • Jquery signup check

This list can go on for a long time but we think you should check it out, and if you like it help us out with buying a commercial license.

We have beta tested on several servers like cirtex hosting, certified hosting and on hosting managers.
The script is working on lighttpd with streaming plugin.

The script can be downloaded here: http://justanothervideoscript.com/downloads

Plugins can be found here: http://justanothervideoscript.com/plugins

There are pictures here: http://justanothervideoscript.com/demo/photo-gallery

But the most important, the demo can be found here: http://justanothervideoscript.com/demo


We hope you enjoy the new release… greetings the JAVS team


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