How to install plugins on 1.4.3

Hi all,
Just wrote a manual on how to install plugins to version 1.4.3 check it out here

Installing a plugin in that version is easy and all plugins from this page have been tested on different server with lighttpd and apache.

We can not guarentee that plugins will work when you buy them from third party software developers.

If you have a request for a plugin use the forum to ask use, we already testing a youtube embedder, pornhub embedder and pornhub downloader.
They will come availible with the next version of JAVS: 1.4.4

1.4.4 will only solve some bugs we found (no security bugs)

From now on we will include an upgrade folder for people using 1.4.3

People that use 1.4.2 have to stick with that version or do a reinstall with 1.4.3 or later.
This is due the changes we made to Database and folder structure for the rotating thumbs.


Currently we also looking for a webdesigner and a SEO professional, contact us if you want to work with us.


Greetings rouge


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