What JAVS can do for you:
Running a video web-site with easy install and easy control of video’s, members and advertisement. Because the SEO can be changed in admin panel and the sitemap will auto create you get tons of free visitors from google.

Upload video’s:
Easy add a video with the new and improved uploader. When you want to upload a video you simply add the Title, Description, Tags, and Category then select a video and press upload.
The form is checked with jquery for duplicated titles and wrong input in fields. The video will be uploaded and you see a progress bar. After the upload admin can approve video’s before they display on the website.

Queue system for encoding:
You can use a Cronjob to set the times you want to encode files, this works in combination with how many encoding progresses you want at once.

HD/ mobile encoding:
If a user uploads a HD video it will be convert if needed and you can show it on your website. For use in the future (Mobile Plugin) the video can also be encoded to a mobile version.

Embed a video:
You can embed a video from all the major tube sites like youtube, metacafe, pornhub or redtube. Simply add the Title, Description, Tags, Catergory and Group, then select a thumb for the embedded video and press upload.The form is checked with jquery for duplicated titles and wrong input.

Commenting on video’s, users and groups:
The commenting system uses ajax to easy add comments without reloading the hole page. None members can react by entering a name and CAPTCHA.

Jwplayer lighttpd streaming:
Real MP4 and FLV streaming with lighttd. You can switch between different ratio of video’s without restarting the video or downloading the whole video. This saves bandwidth and gives the users the option to fast forward a video.

JWplayer skins:
The skins of jwplayer match the templates from Just Another Video Script

JwPlayer with Xmoov:
Because most hosting providers use apache without the streaming module you can use a php based streaming option called Xmoov. The code for this can be found in the forum or the blog.

Members community:
Members can upload video’s, send eachother messages, subscripe to users, post comments, rate video’s, add favorities, add friends and start groups. All these feature make Just Another video Script the best community script for users.

Admin Panel:
In the admin panel which you see in the menu when you log in as an admin you can edit everything on your site. The admin panel is design for functional use and everything feels like it’s on the right spot. Look on the admin demo page to login as a admin.

Search Engine friendly URLs:
Most traffic comes from search engines these days and there for there are only SEO friendly urls. This will give your site a boost in google, yahoo and Bing.

Advanced mail system:
JAVS come with a mail system that send mail when certian actions are done on the video site. When a user uploads his video admin get an email to approve or reject a video. When admin approve the upload, the user gets an email with the link of his approved video. The people that are friends with the uploader or subscribed to the uploader also get an email. This way users are updated about the video site, which is good for users and good for traffic.

The video sitemap is design so you can add it to google webmaster tools and google will find your video’s faster.

Addthis social:
You can add social sharing icons under the video player with one click in the admin panel. Addthis made it possible to easy integrated this on your website. User can share there video’s on facebook, twitter, google+, Myspace, Digg this, reddit and many more social networks.

Rss makes it easy to post your video’s on other web-site to get more traffic.

JAVS 1.4.1 is checked for xss and sql inject with latest security tools.

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