Manual install plugins

This Manual Will teach you how to install plugins in JAVS 1.4.3 which is simpel.


First buy a plugin in our plugin store and unzip the file. We going to take massImport as a example.

Open your ftp client and connect to your website and go to your admin folder (default: /JAVSadmin).
Now open the plugins folder and upload the folder with the files from the massimport zip files you just bought.

In the massimport folder should be a file called, this holds all settings and database upgrade if needed.

Now you uploaded the folder you open your admin panel and open “Plugin manager” from the menu.
Here you see the new plugin like in the screenshot below:


Now click “LOAD” and the plugin will be loaded into the script, if it does it creates a submenu in “Plugins Manager”.
You can now start using the plugin.



Plugins don’t remove files or database info when you unload them, it does remove the plugin from the menu.
If you want to clean up the files, use your ftp client. To remove your database entries use PHPMyadmin or a program just like that.

When you have questions about plugins come to our forum

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