Howto Install JAVS

First Check out the requirements for this script: here
Webhosting companies like certifiedhosting, cirtexhosting, hostupon have all of the requirements installed.

Step 1:
Upload all the files to your server with ftp in binary mode.
When you install JAVS 1.0 into your root domain simply upload all files in root folder.
When your using a subfolder for your site upload it in there and in installation set this subfolder.
After Upload you have to chmod some files to 755 on shared hosting and 777 on private hosting
(chmod requirements can differ on hosting companies, ask them or try it out)
Folder ‘data’
File ‘data/scroller/scroller.xml’
Folder ‘uploads’
Folder ‘uploads/thumbs’
Folder ‘uploads/avatars’
Folder ‘uploads/ads’
Folder ‘uploads/groupicons’
Folder ‘uploads/encode’
File ‘includes/’
File ‘includes/’
File ‘includes/’
File ‘includes/’
File ‘index.php’

Step 2:
JAVS uses MySQL database, Create a MySQL Database with username and password.
The install script will add all tables and data so you don’t have to this manually.

Database host: localhost,       or an ip specified by hosting company.
Database name: JAVS_demo                     Pick a logical name if your going to use more web-sites
Database User: demo                                     With the right Permissions to make changes in the database
Database pass: D3M0!@#                            Make sure you pick a strong pass with capitols and strange characters like !@#$%^&*

Step 3:
Now your ready to install the script.
Go to you domain like:
If you install the script in a subdirectory:
Replace with you domain name and if you use a subdirecory replace subdirname with yours.

Installation script Step A:
The installation script will first check your server settings and the folder permissions of the files above.
If the folder permissions are incorrect you will not be able to proceed to the next step until they are corrected.

Green means permissions are good, red means trouble. If there red go back to step 1 to check if you chmodded everything correctly.
It could be that ffmpeg and FLVtools2 path is not set correctly, you can set this later in the Admin Panel.
Click button “Next Step” if this isn’t possible there are still some errors.

Installation script Step B:
Now you have to add The Database Details descriped in the example of step 2.
Add all information and click button “Next Step” If everything went will you go to the next step.

Installation script Step C:
Please be careful when entering the path, it is case-sensitive.

Site Name: Choose a name for your site (example – ‘My Video Site’), you can change this in the admin area later if you want to.
Site Folder: This folder is the location of your VidiScript installation, relative to the root folder. If you installed in the root folder, leave this blank. If you installed in a subfolder enter the path to the subfolder. Example – for you would enter.
Admin Username: Choose the username you will use to log in to the admin area of your site.
Admin Password: Password for the username above
Admin E-mail: Enter the email address for admin
Cronjob Password: Choose a password for cronjob. This is need for encoding and server2server cronjobs. This password will protect you from users entering the encode progress.It can be changed in admin panel later.

Click button “next step” Now you see a final page with a link to your new video site.

Installation script Step D:
Chmod the file to 644, it’s located in includes/
Delete the folders install/ and database/ from your root dir.

Step 4:
Login to admin panel and set ffmpeg,  flvtools2 and curl path correctly.
You now have to set your Cronjobs to get video encoding to work.
Click Here to go to the cronjob Manual

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